Users Get:

  • An easy to view record of daily activities and feelings
  • General breakdown of time spent on different tasks
  • Helpful programmes for health, wellness, finance, etc.
  • Feedback on ways to improve the users’ life based on their entries
  • Reminders for meeting goals and staying on track

Users Give:

  • Manual and automatic data entry

Providers Get:

  • Detailed client records
  • Research results and significant correlations

Providers Give:

  • Fine grained and specialized data entry
  • Generalized data from multiple clients

Researchers Get:

  • Significant correlations suggesting further research is needed
  • A wide sample base and large data set to analyze
  • Repeatable experiments and queries
  • Centralized, open access to research results and data sets

Researchers Give:

  • Results of research
  • Novel research methods

the GOOD for you does:

  • Automatic analytics of data, suggesting strong correlations
  • Storage and verification of research methods and results
  • Open, secured access to anonymized user data